My review of the third MGMT LP MGMT over at Pretty Much Amazing:

“Those hoping that MGMT have reverted back to the more conventional sounds of their debut will be frustrated. On album number three they dive deeper into the surreal psychedelic waters that they explored on their sophomore but, whereas on Congratulations they struck a hard-fought working balance between inspired and madcap, this time there are mixed results….”

5.0 Stars (5.0 / 10)


8 thoughts on “REVIEW: MGMT – MGMT

  1. To call the groundbreaking first album, Orocular Spectacular “conventional” is to do it a massive disservice. In an age when pop music is taken over by clone stars and talent show winners, it was a brilliant left field breath of fresh air.
    Having said that, I love the more psychedelic leanings of Congratulations and if that’s what they’re moving further into then I for one look forward to it.

    1. Hi Dale,

      Woah! Please don’t misquote me… I said “more conventional” which, in the context of the statement, referenced that their debut was more conventional than their sophomore. This is true – melodically, lyrically, and sonically.

      I loved Oracular, and I loved Congratulations. I relished the direction they were taking with album number two, and their innovative approach and willingness to rip up the rulebook. The thing is – album three is messy, at best. Many tracks are dense, overbearingly cluttered with effects and and drenched in distortion – it’s overwrought and overproduced.

      Have you heard the ablum yet? There are moments to savour (“Alien Days”, “I Love You Too, Death”, and “Mystery Disease”) but tracks in the vein of “Astro-mancy” are downright terrible. This is a shadow of the greatness they’ve shown previously.

      1. Not heard it yet, but I did hear Congratulations described as “unlistenable” on release, now it’s pretty much an acknowledged masterpiece. (They apparently made it with the full intention of there being no releasable singles on it at all)
        Bands trying to second/second guess their audience are setting themselves up for a ride on the pretensiousness express to Bargain Bin City.

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